Montney Well Optimization Modeling Workflow:
  1. Register       (click on Register button on the top menu)
  2. Log in          (click on Login button on the top menu)
  3. Navigate to Well Optimization app  (click on the well rig icon above "Montney Shale Well Optimization" on the top menu)
  4. Add a well   ( click on Add A New Well button)
  5. Fill in well parameter   (click on Save button to save your well. Well parameter values has range limits.)
  6. Well modeling    (click on Well Modeling button to see the result)

*NOTE: This app is appliable ONLY to the horizontal wells that land in the tight Montney Formation (a shale oil and gas play in West Canada Sedimentary Basin)! The pre-trained machine learning models are based on the well data available on May 1, 2019 with at least 12 month production history, which means that the well drilling and completion technologies used in the wells were before May 2018.

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